Tips to choose wallpaper for your bedroom

Choosing the right wallpaper for your bedroom can be a thoughtful process. Although you might want to stand out and make your room look like your personal space whether you are an energetic or more chill person, here are some tips not to sacrifice your sleepy beauty and tranquility for a trending wallpaper look.

  1. Try it before you stick to it. We recommend you to take a small sample of the design you like, bring it home and look at it at different times of the day as the color and even pattern can vary depending on the light in the room.
  2. Pick the right wall. If you are going with a colorful wallpaper and you have problems getting rest at night you might want to keep it just behind your bed so that way it does not affect your mind before bed time.
  3. Is wallpaper the right material for your bedroom? Keep in mind that when the wallpaper is directly exposed to sunlight, it will tend to fade and you would need to replace it every other year. In this case, perhaps you should consider   wall tile  since it performs better to direct sunlight.
  4. You do not need to cover a full wall or whole room. Sometimes we rather spend most of the budget on furniture or other finishes and it is understandable, however what you can do to highlight your space can be as simple as choosing a small area such as a niche or column with a good quality wallpaper.
  5. Take advantage of the patterns. Vertical stripes can create an illusion of a taller room. This works great in those bedrooms with low ceilings, if this is the case you can also go with a light color wallpaper to match the ceiling. On the other hand  if you have a narrow room, horizontal stripes will help your space look wider.